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Who doesn't love offline games. Everyone likes to play games and if it is offline then who can stay without playing. Now maybe offline games don't come out like before because now everyone prefers online games. So offline open world games have come out less than before. But there are still many people who love to play offline games. And so now let's talk about some offline games that were once very popular.

The Dark Knight Rises: Everyone knows about this game And you may have seen all the Batman movies. The movie The Dark Knight Rises was released in 2012 And a game comes out on the story of that movie and the game is the dark Knight rises. This game is made by gameloaft company. This is one of the best game of gameloaft company. This game is also called Story a Game. This is a completely offline game so, you don't need internet connection to play this game. By playing this game you will be able to enjoy the story of the movie The Dark Knight Rises. You will not find this game in the Google Play Store. Please Download it from any website...

Max Payne: This is a very popular game of rockstar company. This is one of the best offline shooting games of the Rockstar company. This is also a good story action game. let's know about the story of this game. Max is a man against the police. Max is a fugitive accused whom the police want to arrest. Max Payne is a story that is misunderstood about his family and he fights to find out the truth. Youu have to pay to download Max Payne mobile game from Play Store because it is a paid game. The size of this game is 1.48 GB. You need 1gb ram and 4.0 up android version to play this game...

Brothers a tale of two sons: This is an offline adventure game. On August 7, 2013, it was released for mobile. This game is made around two brothers and his father. In the game there is an old father whom two brothers fight to save. Tears will come to your eyes unknowingly while playing this game. In this game you can fully enjoy an adventure story. Honestly, this game is the best offline game. The size of this game is 700 MB and it will require 1 GB RAM to play.

Deus ex the fall: The offline game I will talk about now is called deus ex the fall. This game is made by rockstar company. This is also an offline action game. This game can no longer be downloaded from the Play Store because it is a very old game but you can download it for free from the browser.

WWE 2k: We all probably love to watch the game of wrestling. WWE has many superstars whose big fan we are. And what if this game could be played on an Android phone? If only we could play a game on the phone with John Cena and Roman. Yes, now we can play wrestling match with our favourite players because wrestling game came out a long time ago and its name is wwe 2k. You can download and play this game from Google anytime.

Hitman Sniper: you can't find any offline sniper  games like this because this graphics and gameplay are really good. You can play many mode in this game. This also a offline game so, you don't need any data connection to play this game. this game size is 630mb and you can't play this game in 6.0 up android Version. If you want to download this game from play then you need to pay because this is a paid game. So, you need to pay first to download.

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