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You know First Touch Soccer Company is a very popular gaming company. Everyone known this company from much earlier. This company's popularity is increasing day by day for Android football games. Now, these companies have created a lot of football games for Android phones. Today we will know that since 2015, the company has created football games and know some information about those games.

First Touch Soccer Company started  journey with FTS 15. Guys FTS means first touch soccer 2015. The game was very popular when it came out. The game was great from all sides and the game was suitable to play on all Android phones. The game won people's hearts in a very short time. The game has some great features, one of which is that you can select and play any team at any time. For example, if you want, you can play the match of Barcelona with Brazil in this game and you can play by selecting hard, medium and normal mode in this game. The size of the game was 350 MB and it can be played offline and online both.

In 2016, First Touch Soccer changed the name of their game to Dream League Soccer and this is the first version of Dream League Soccer games and after releasing this version, First Touch Soccer company removed their previous game from the Play Store. 

In 2017, First Touch Soccer Company changed their name to Fast Touch Games.  In 2017, they released a new version and it called Dream League Soccer 2017. Dream League Soccer 16 became even more popular than their first touch soccer game. The company of the game was always updating to make their game popular but the 2017 version saw a lot of changes. They brought a great update to this version and that is multiplayer mode. In this mode you could play with your friends And to play in a multi-player, you would need a hotspot where the game could be played by connecting two devices. It was one of the best updates to the Dream League soccer game. This was also suitable to play on all Android phones.

In 2016, another new version of Dream League was released and it became as popular as the previous ones.  Not much has changed in this version.  Only the players and kits were updated. 

Now let's talk about the most downloaded version of the Company and that is Dream League Soccer.  It was released in 2019 and it is called DLS 19.  DLS 19 means dream League Soccer 2019.  This version was also very popular and still is very popular. It was needed 1 GB RAM and 5.0 up Android phone to play. You can still Download this game from Google play store..

The First Touch games Company wanted to make their game more beautiful and easier.  They decided that the game would run only on online platforms. In 2020, they released a new version that can only be played online And that's why Dream League Soccer 2020 could not be played offline. Many people like the game but some people are annoyed with it so that, the company left the previous version of Dream League Soccer in the Google Play Store And in that version the game can be played offline.  However, many new features were added to Dream League Soccer 2020 and the graphics of the game were also updated but the game could not be played on any device. you would need 2 GB RAM and 6.0 up Android phone to this game.

The new year will start soon so First Touch Games Company has already released their new version.  However, not much has changed in this version, but in this version new players, kits and hd graphics have been updated.  You can download this game from Google Play Store at any time.  You will need 2 GB RAM and a good quality phone to play this game.

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