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When we hear about new games coming out, we get excited to know about those games. Wants to know what the game will be like. And the game company said long ago that the game will come out but they are too late to get the game out. So we don't know about that game right away. If you read my post in then you will know all the information about the upcoming games. In this post I will tell you when a game will come out, what the game will be like and what kind of device will be needed to play the games. If you want to know all the information about the upcoming games then please read the post carefully...

Astracraft: Soon we are going to get a new kind of war game for Android phones. We may have played many war games but this is a completely different war game. Where you can play the game using mechs, robots, drones, Battlebots And the game is being made by Netease company. The game is not out yet so not much is going to be said about the game. To play the game you may need 3 GB RAM and 7.0 up Android version.

FOG - Middle Ages Battle Royale: There is an upcoming battle royale game coming out by playneta limited and it's called FOG- Middle Ages Battle Royale. You know that survival games are very difficult and now I will tell you all the problems you have to face, such as: you have to find everything you need to survive. It will be impossible for you to survive here and you will have enemies all around you. The map will get smaller every minute, you won't have time to stop. You have to Fight with the enemy through the deep fog and win the game.

Modern Dead: This is also an RPG survival game and this game will be out for mobile very soon. ONEMT company will make this game for mobile and they have said that they will release this game by early 2021. You will need 3 GB RAM and 7.0 up Android phone to play this game. The game is completely online so it will require internet connection to play.

League Of Legends Wild Rift: Now you may already know the name of this game. because it is a very popular game. A new version of the League of Legends game will be released again for mobile. Everyone knows that League of Legends is one of the best RPG games that everyone likes And the new version is called league of legends wild rift. Netease company will soon release it for mobile.

Onmyji: We all like to play card games and onmyji is a card game that Netease company will release soon for Android phones. Netease has already said it will release the game for mobile later this month. Those who play card games will definitely like this game...Thanks for visit my site 💕

Steller Hunter: Now I will talk about another upcoming game and its name is steller Hunter. This is an rpg type online game. In this game you can choose many powerful characters and fight with them and survive. In this game you will get new experience because all the fights in the game will be in the sky. This game will be out for mobile soon.

FAU-G: This is a multiplayer action game known as Fearless And United: Guards. The game is created by an Indian company and the story of this game is based on the Indian military. The gameplay of this game is like pubg mobile, call of duty, free fire games. This game will be out for mobile in a few days

On this site you can find out why the game is not running on your phone and on which Android phone you can play the game. No misinformation is provided on this site. So always follow our site to get all the true information about gaming. 


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