What is zarchiver? How to compress gaming files with zarchiver app?

Description: Welcome to our gaming site. You know we talk about gaming tricks and tips on this site. you can find out about all the new games on the site. Today I will not talk about any game but I will talk about a very important app because this post is very necessary for those who like to play Android games. Friends, the name of the app is zarchiver and now I will discuss the functionality of the app with you. The main function of the app is to compress many files and convert them into one file. When we download a game, it has some additional files, so it is not possible to download all the files together. But with the help of zarchiver app you can download all the files together. I will tell you now what to do for him. First you need to download the zarchiver app and you can download this app for free from the Google Play Store. After downloading, you will select the files that you will compress together. After long press on the selected files, you will get the compressed option and if you click on the option, the file will be compressed. 

Another important thing to know before compressing the file. You already understand what compressed is. Yes, compressing is to make a file out of many files together. Later, other files can be separated from that file with the zarchiver app. You can convert to many formats with zarchiver app such as: 7z, zip, tar, bzip2, gzip, xz, iz4, zstd, tar bz2, tar gz, tar cz E.T.C. One of the formats here is 7z and zip...

How To Extract: After compressing the file, it has to be separated again and the zarchiver app also does the work of separating. Now I will tell you how to extract the file. If you download a file and it is in zip or other format then you have to extract it. If you click on the file, you will get the extract option. If you click there, the files will be separated. Now I will teach you how to extract apk, obb and data file. First long press on the obb file and click on copy then paste the obb file in the obb folder of Android. Now you click on the data file then copy it. Now paste the data file in your Android data folder. After completing the work of the files you will install the apk file.

Compress file is safe?: Yes, it is completely safe for us because compressed files are never lost and it can be used for a long time. The way you compress the file after extracting is exactly what you get. Do you wish that no one could open your file? Then you can do that and it's completely safe. So, how? This is very easy to do because when you compress the file it will get security option where you will give your password. Then no one will be able to open your file without your permission. If you want, you can put your files in Google Drive and use the link of that file to download . Finally, I would like to say that it is completely safe for everyone, it will not harm your file.


name: Zarchiver.

file size: 5mb.

Developer: Zdevs.

Requirements: 1GB ram and 4.0 up android devices...

Friends this is a gaming site where I help you learn about new games or popular games. This site is very safe for you because no misinformation is provided here. Even if there is any wrong information, please forgive us and let us know by commenting. Thanks everyone.

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