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Description: Hello friends, welcome to my site. I hope you are all well. You all know I talk about new games on this site. From this site you can find out the information of any game and why you can't play the game and what you can do to solve the problems of the game. Today i will talk about the latest game which name is CSGO Mobile. What are you wondering?, it should be a surprise because PC games can now be played on mobile. But you all want to know when the game will be officially released for mobile and so first I will give you the correct information about the release of this game. You may know that CSGO mobile game came out a few months ago but that is not true. So what is the truth? Now I will tell you the true story. We all know that CSGO mobile game was released on 21st August 2020 but it was not the official version. The first version that came out was the beta version and beta means that before the new game came out, the game company released a version to find out their mistake and called it the beta version. Since it is a beta version, when will the original version come out? You know that CSGO mobile game is being released by popular gaming company UBISOFT. UBISOFT has already said that it will officially release the CSGO mobile game on June 21, 2021, but they have also said that they will officially release the game before June if possible. Now I will talk about some more important things and then I will give you complete information about the game.

Language Problem Solved: The beta version of the game was released two months ago. Since then everyone has downloaded that beta version but after downloading they are facing many problems and one of them is language problem. Actually this is not a problem but everyone is worried about it because there is only one language in the game and that is Chinese language. So when we open the game, we do not understand the theme of the game. So when will this problem be solved? I've said before that it's a beta version so it still has a lot of work to do. When the game is over, they will officially release the game, then you will see many more languages, including English.

Download problem solved: Friends, you may all want to download this game from the Play Store but you can't. Now I will tell you why you can't. Friends, the original version of the game has not been released yet And you will not be able to download it from the Google Play Store until the original version of the game is released. So how do you download this game? You can easily download this game but for that you have to go to the browser and download from there.

Requirements: You know this is an online battle royale game And to play online games you need a good quality device. Now I will tell you what kind of device you will need to play this game. To play the game you need 3 GB RAM and 7.0 up Android version. Below are the names of some of the phones suitable for playing the game.

1. Xiaomi & realme.

2. One plus.

3. Oppo & Vivo.

4. iPhone.

5. Samsung.

6. Huawei.

7. Nokia.



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