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Description: Hello friends, welcome to my site, I hope you are all well. I came back with a new game. You all know I talk about all the new games on this site and today I will talk about a new battle royale game for mobile.This is a multiplayer action game known as Fearless And United: Guards. The game is created by an Indian company and the story of this game is based on the Indian military. The gameplay of this game is like pubg mobile, call of duty, free fire games. It is an Indian game based on the Indian military. In reality, you can play the game in the face of national and international threats. You know the pubg mobile game has been banned from India and then ncore company said it will release for mobile. The gameplay and settings of this game are similar to the pubg mobile game but you will see some different Indian features in it. This is a completely realistic game that you can play online with your friends. You can play the game both first person and third person. In this game you will get many new modes and you can use all the modern weapons. You can setup control like pubg mobile in this game. FAU-G game company says that soon 5V5 team dead match, battle royale and other game modes have been added. Let's find out now about the game. I have said before that the game is based on the Indian military. The game is based on real life battles between Indian and Chinese troops. The game features biographies of Indian soldiers. The game is basically about how the soldiers are fighting for us to protect the border. You know that there have been border disputes with India and China for months And it's built on that conflict and tension so you can feel the hard work of the border guards. We all know that India is the second largest population country in the world. So there are all the PC gamers or mobile gamers in India. So when there is a good game, everyone became popular in India And this game Akshey Kumar told himself through his Twitter, then thinking how popular it becomes? This is the Indian first Battle Royale Game which is based on the Indian Army And so everyone likes this game. Already 5 million people have downloaded this game from the Google Play Store. It is expected that it will earn the first place by breaking the record of other games in Indian games.

Problems Solved: Now I will tell you why and why do not you download this game from Google Play Store. Friends this game has only been created for the Indians. So it can not be downloaded from the Google Play Store to another. If you are an Indian, you can easily download the game from the Google Play Store. Those who do not even worry about India because they can also download it. But they can not download it from Google Play Store. They have to go to download it in the browser then download the game on a good game download site.

Requirements: Now we'll talk about which you need to play this game. If you want to play the game on Android phones, then you will need 3 GB ram and 6.0 up Android devices. Below are some of the phones named that you can play the game..

1. One plus.

2. Samsung.

3. Xiaomi.

4. Realme.

5. Huawei.

6. Nokia.

7. Symphony E.T.C...

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