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Get FIFA 21 Android Features and full match info

Since we know that mobile gaming has reached the next level these days, game mechanics, gameplay, and graphics are easy to compare with the FIFA 21 console and PC versions. FIFA 21 Android has been optimized so perfectly that it can now be played in low specifications on Android APK devices, but the better the specifications of your phone, the better performance it will show in the game. The file size of FIFA 21 Android after the full download is 3.2 GB, which is quite huge, but the game also includes VOLTA football.

FIFA 21 Android Career Mode

Interactive Match Sim FIFA 21 Android now has a whole new way to play your FIFA 21 season. What are you waiting for? Jump in and out during games to control the outcome of the game, change the course of a game by controlling key moments such as penalties and free kicks.

Player Development Now you can enjoy more control over your player's growth in FIFA 21 Android. There are positioning training features in FIFA 21 that have been improving, while new development plans allow you to focus your squad development on the areas you want to adapt to your team's style of play.

Match Sharpness and Active Training Get more insight into your squad and team performance with the help of your Match Sharpness and there is a frequent active training system in the game, which is only done by completing this unit, you can improve your team skills and improve your team chemistry.

Planning Players can plan the team's training schedule using the new activity management system, which helps them decide when to rest and when to play throughout the game, improving the team's efficiency and also helping to balance the player's sharpness and skills.

Improved oppositional AI now sees the opposing games with more intelligence in both attack and defense. A new AI system can now make a good decision to act similarly in both the passing game and in attack and defense.

New Transfer Option The transfer option has improved in FIFA 21 Android. This advanced transfer option helps commit players from one team to another through controlled AI. Players can also make their own loan-to-buy offers with future transfer fees to attract new talent to their team.

How do I download FIFA 21 Mobile and install APK on my phone?




Click on the Download button on the website that will help you download FIFA 21 APK to your required Android devices. After downloading to your devices, tap the Installation button, and you will need to make some changes as it will not download from PlayStore.


The FIFA 21 icon appears on the home screen of your mobile devices. Start the game, and you need to verify it, FIFA 21 Android has been release exclusively, so the developer EA Sports will ask you for human verification.

FIFA 21 game

Complete the verification process by playing all the games specified on the verification page for 1 minute or more. After the verification process, the remaining files will be download from FIFA 21 Andriod to your required Android devices, which will take some time depending on Internet speed.

FIFA 21 APK Movable Dribbling

Agile Dribbling is a completely new way to move a ball in FIFA 21. This feature is an extra inspiration for the real player in FIFA. This dribbling also gives you the ability to move the ball quickly from one side to the other to help dribblers get away from defenders and use footwork to create space by tricking defenders into focusing too much on tackles.

FIFA 21 APK Positioning of Personality

In FIFA 21 Android, EA Sports is now focused on adding a deeper all-player personality in positioning, both offensively and defensively, to ensure that the skills of the greatest players on the virtual field match their real-world counterparts. Now, the player who knows how to have a greater tactical impact in FIFA is in the right place to shoot, pass, or block the ball at the right time. EA Sports has therefore created an intelligent AI personality in this positioning because this feature game is quite smarter than the previous series of this game. When it comes to personality positioning, it includes attacking and defensive awareness.

FIFA 21 Android Creative Run

In FIFA 20 Mobile, the player can control the movements of the attacker and break up the defense in various ways in the build-up game.

-Direct Run To perform this trick/run after triggering a run, press the right analog stick to take full control of the running direction of your teammates.

-Direct Pass and GO To perform this trick/run, click on the right analogy again and your teammates make their run after a pass.

-Player Lock Now press the floating analog button to lock to your current player when it is attacked.


FIFA 21 android has updated its natural collision system, which helps make on-field interaction smoother. Key moments in football, such as goal-space skirmishes and battles for possession of the ball in midfield, dissolve more naturally, resulting in fewer free balls and fewer overs as players struggle to get the ball first.

Basics of Football in FIFA 21 Android

FIFA 21 Android has improved the basics of football such as Passing, Blocking, Responsiveness, and Manual Headers.

Passing: More perspective understanding of space and ball positioning, allowing players to play the smarter passing game in FIFA 21 APK.

Blocking: In FIFA 21 Android there is a new blocking mechanism in the blocking system that blocks the pass, the goals, and the cross.

Reactivity: Now there is a faster reaction in the AI / Player, which unlocks the more responsive players.

Manual Header: The player can now fully control the headshots/passes with the help of the manual headers that send the football exactly where you want to aim.

FIFA 21 APK VOLTA Football

This time, FIFA 21 Android also includes VOLTA FIFA Football, which means that FIFA is now also available at street level. Thus, the gameplay has been improved in many ways, such as Energized Skill Moves, Agile Dribbling, Nutmegs, Shooting Improvements, Defending Improvements, Attacking Intelligence. You can also play online with your friends, which is call VOLTA Online, by connecting to / creating with the same server.

Questions about FIFA 21 APK

Since the game is only released so that EA Sports does not want to copy this game from another developer to protect yourself from EA Sports adding the review process, you can simply complete it by running/playing games/apps for 1-2 minutes.


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