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This is the Pubg New State Technical Test version. You can download Pubg beta version from here. this is also a review post of Pubg New State Technical Test.

Pubg New State Technical Test APK download

Hello friends, welcome to our gaming site. I hope you are all well. Friends, you may have already heard the latest update of the Pubg Mobile and BGMI game. And friends, BGMI means Battlegrounds Mobile India and it is completely related to Pubg mobile And you know Pubg Mobile was banned in India and Pubg Mobile has been released again in India in a new form and that is BGMI. In this post, I will talk about the BGMI game. 

Pubg New State Download Problem Solved

Friends, everyone will be able to update this game from the Play Store this evening. But the question is will it work in our country? Because it cannot be downloaded from Play Store in our country, how can I play it? Friends, you can play it, but do not transfer your PUBG mobile global version ID in it. You can enjoy it by opening a new ID. If you are Indian, you can transfer the ID. Friends, in this video I will only show you how to download BGMI 1.5 version in our country, again without the help of the Play Store. Friends, if you want to know more about battle royale games, you can follow our website.

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What's New In BGMI 1.5

The company known as Dyna Hex has settled on an Erangle to conduct long-term research to better obtain their goals. Dina Hex has begun to revamp a erangle, making it much more technologically advanced. The story of version 15 starts with Dina Hexus Island modifications at the beginning, in order to facilitate better research, implementation, and transportation of this new resource, Dina Hex made upgrades to six of an Erangle main district, George Pole, the logistics agency, the transit Center, the tax Center, the security center, and the energy Center. In these facilities, we've added various interactive elements which you can make use of during battle.

We hope the ability to create distractions and traps for other players as to the strategy. At the same time, Dyna Hexus has created tons of high-tech equipment that have led to the technological advancement of a erangle. First of all, vehicles have undergone a series of innovations and alongside new items allow you to quickly traverse the maps. Furthermore, a new and massive transportation network called Hyper Line has also been introduced to the Island. Hyper Lines will make travel around the Island simpler and more convenient than ever.

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So on. New Erangle, a Park from the structures upgraded by Dyna hex, there will also be one brand new building. Yes, your eyes aren't fooling you. You're looking at the Tesla Gigafactory. Version 1 5 will usher in a series of wide Erangle collaborations between PUBG Mobile and Tesla, and players will be able to drive Tesla vehicles as they uncover the secrets of the future on the Island.

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Players will also be able to access the Giga factory and get one kind of Tesla Model Y. Now you'll be able to enjoy the pleasures of Tesla's Autopilot two. There's still lots more out there waiting to be discovered. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

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