Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting v2.0.17 MOD APK (Removed ADS)

Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting v2.0.17 MOD APK (Removed ADS)

Transform into a superhero and fight against evil with Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting. Criminals are ravaging beautiful New York. People are screaming in agony. And the police force is utterly powerless against the brutal mafia. Right now, you have to help innocent people. In the image of the superhero spiderman, use your skills to eliminate the evil gangsters and return peace to the beautiful city.


The image of a spiderman swinging on the skyscrapers of New York is no longer only in the movies, but now you will actually experience it. In Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting, you will be transformed into a super spider, with appearance, flying skills, and formidable fighting ability like in blockbuster movies. The plot and situations of the game are inspired by the famous Spider-man movie but will be refreshed with a few more details to increase the game’s attractiveness.

Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting

You will, in turn, explore the nooks and crannies of the city, find the dark places, and rescue innocent people. In the dark areas, you will have to be prepared for any form of combat. It could be a fierce boss or a large group of thugs. You can fight bare-handed or use weapons, be it melee combat or have to do acrobatics constantly. Learn to adapt to any situation.


Spider-Man in this game will also carry the same skills as the TV version. With the ability to move like acrobatics, speeding, swinging from place to place. Along with that are a set of fighting skills such as shooting super sticky silk from afar, melee with powerful punches, close to the enemy, and special moves.

Spider Hero: Superhero Fighting

Even in Spider Hero, your superhero boy can use weapons. In certain battles, you will have to choose the weapon to fight for yourself. It can be an ax, a sharp blade, a deadly katana, or high-damage guns. Dark corners are lawless lands, so use whatever means to win. No matter what weapon or skill you use, always remember that your goal is to eliminate the evil thugs.


Superheroes also have different levels. The strength of the super spider in your hand will depend on two factors: your personal skills and the stats you upgrade. The deeper you go into the city, the more annoying the opponents will be, the usual skills will not be much used to you. So use the money earned in missions and victories to maximize your skills.


With carefully crafted graphics, the image of Spider-Man appears to be realistic. His skills also bring a sense of excitement to the player. The phases of moving between buildings between shimmering New York City or fierce battles with criminal gangs all give players the feeling of really immersing in the character. The battle sound and the support effects also contribute significantly to the success of the game. With over 10,000,000 downloads, Spider Hero is genuinely the top title in fighting superhero games.

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