GTA Online's Criminal Enterprises Update - How You Can Still Profit from Nightclubs

When the Criminal Enterprise update for GTA V Online was released, many players were disappointed with the limited functionality of the new Nightclubs feature. After all, what good are nightclubs if you can’t make money from them?
However, there are still ways to make money from your club in GTA V Online even after this disappointing update. In this blog post we’ll explore why the Criminal Enterprises update wasn’t a great addition to the game and what you can do to start profiting again from your nightclub.

Which Nightclubs Are Still Profitable?

There are a few different types of nightclubs, and not all of them will make you as much money. The most profitable nightclubs are: - Spleef, which has three different locations in Los Santos. - Hawkers, which has three different locations in Los Santos and a fourth in Blaine County. - Queen City, which has four different locations in Los Santos. - Grapeseed, which has two different locations in the Mount Chiliad region. - Altruists, which has two different locations in the Blaine County region. You can sell any nightclubs you don’t want by going to your Facilities menu and clicking Sell. You’ll get a pop-up window with photographs of each club - click on the one you want to sell and then click Sell again. You’ll be given an option to sell it immediately (at 70% of the club’s value) or to put it on the market.

What Changed With the Criminal Enterprise Update

The Criminal Enterprise update came with a large number of changes to how you could make money in GTA Online. The most significant change was to nightclubs. These were no longer profitable - in fact, they were an enormous drain on your resources. Nightclubs now cost $1,000,000 to start and $50,000 per week to keep running. If you didn’t pay the weekly fee, the club would close. You might be able to squeeze a little bit of profit out of a fruitless nightclub, but it certainly wasn’t worth the investment. You could still build a nightclub and hire DJs, but there was no way to make money from it.

Other Strategies That Still Work After the Update

Thankfully, there are a few other ways to make money from your nightclub that don’t depend on it being profitable. - Hosting VIPs. This is one of the most important tasks you have as the manager of a nightclub. You can invite up to five VIPs per day, and the more you invite, the more VIP abilities you unlock. These abilities are extremely useful, and make it worth inviting VIPs to your club even if you have no intention of profiting from it. - Hiring DJs. DJs are a one-time cost of $10,000, but they’re worth it for the huge boost in profits they add. You can hire multiple DJs to increase the profits further. The more DJs you have, the more customers you’ll attract to your nightclub, so this is a great strategy for low-traffic areas. - Building up your Reputation. You’ll earn Reputation points by managing your nightclub and inviting VIPs. Once you’ve reached a certain level, you unlock the ability to add a second floor to your club, which will increase profits. At a higher Reputation level, you can also add a rooftop patio to your club, which will also increase profits.

How to Earn Money with Nightclubs in GTA Online

It’s unlikely you’re ever going to make a profit from your nightclub in GTA Online. However, there are still plenty of ways you can earn money from your nightclub, even if it’s losing money for you. First, make sure you have a VIP working at your nightclub. VIPs earn you around $5,000 per day, so by having a VIP in your club, you’re earning a profit every day. Next, start inviting VIPs to your nightclub. The more VIPs you have, the more abilities you gain. In turn, these VIP abilities will help you earn extra cash in other ways.

Which Clubs To Buy?

You don’t want to invest in every nightclub, as many of them are slow-profit or fruitless clubs. Instead, choose wisely to ensure maximum return on your investment. For the best return, look for high-traffic areas. Ideally, you want to keep a low investment because nightclubs are expensive. The best clubs to buy are the ones in LS and Blaine County. However, keep an eye on the sales in the GTA Online marketplace. If you see a club selling for relatively cheap, you might want to grab it before someone else does. The Altruists nightclub in Blaine County is a great choice. The Grapeseed nightclub is another good one. If you want something in Los Santos, Hawkers is a great option.

VIP Abilities and Rewards

As the manager of a nightclub, you can earn up to five VIP abilities weekly. Here’s a breakdown of what they do and how to earn them: - Sommelier - Doubles the amount of money earned from each bottle of wine sold. - Mixologist - Doubles the amount of money earned from each bottle of champagne sold. - Host - Doubles the amount of money earned from each bottle of vodka sold. - Headliner - Doubles the amount of money earned from each bottle of premium liquor sold. - The person who invited the VIP to the club decides which VIP ability is unlocked. - VIP Rewards. The more VIPs you have, the faster you’ll rank up through the VIP reward system. The first VIP reward is $1,000 per day. The second reward is $5,000 per day and the third reward is $10,000 per day.


The Criminal Enterprise update for GTA Online brought many changes to the game, none of them positive. The biggest impact was on the profitability of nightclubs. While they were once immensely profitable, they are now a significant drain on your finances. Thankfully, there are still ways you can earn money from your nightclub. You can earn extra cash by hosting VIPs and hiring DJs, as well as earning VIP rewards through the VIP system. While it may be impossible to turn a profit from nightclubs, you can still earn cash by using these strategies.


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